Timothy is a seasoned and experienced Swiss entrepreneur with a strong background in sales and marketing. He launched his first business in 2009, when he was only 26 years old. His first business was a marketing agency that used a new business model to develop a network of highly qualified freelancers, which was something quite new for the time. In 2010, he launched his second venture, a discounted Ski pass that was the first offer of this kind on the market. The project was an immediate success and he ran each of these businesses until 2016 when he ultimately sold them after taking advantage of an exceptional opportunity. In addition, Timothy is someone who works off of ideas, and he was intent on finding a new endeavor. Timothy and his wife then moved to South East Asia to fulfill their love for travelling and take some time to work on new projects, learn new things, and mainly to enjoy life.

Currently, Timothy works as the CEO and Marketing Advisor for start-ups and small and medium-size businesses through his Marketing and Publishing company iD MKG. LLC., based in San Diego, California.


I turn ideas into profitable concepts. I also help startups and small to medium businesses to launch and grow by providing marketing strategy with a creative twist. I find ways to monetize projects and turn ideas into profits.


I am an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and the founder of iD MKG, a cross between a publishing agency and a consulting marketing agency. We develop and publish our own products and offer our knowledge to other entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals.


I have successfully built and sold three small businesses, and I’m now building my fourth, so I have a keen understanding of the problems people face when they want to launch a business, from finance to marketing. I’ve also worked for clients ranging from top brands like Lamborghini, Nokia, Lacoste, Piaget and B&O to small businesses, so I understand marketing at each phase of business growth, and I have a very positive ‘Can Do’ attitude.


Many startup founders dream of working hard, building their business, then selling them and taking time for personal interests like travel before jumping into a new venture. I’ve done it multiple times by building businesses where I want to live and explore, then selling them and using the proceeds to do the next interesting thing. A native of Switzerland, I’ve traveled to over 25 countries, lived in Thailand for a year and Bali for a year, and taken a year to tour Southeast Asia.


When he is not working on a new idea or preparing his next travel, Timothy enjoys practicing endurance sports.

He’s an Ironman finisher (Zurich), 5x Ironman 70.3 Finisher (Aix-en-Provence, Vichy, Rapperswil, Phuket, Oceanside), Alpe d’Huez triathlon L finisher (1.9k swim, 130km 3300+ bike, 21km run), multiple Etape du Tour Finisher (2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) and has completed some of the hardest one-day cycling events in the world, including the La Marmotte (170Km, 5000+), Maratona dles Dolomites (138km, 4500+) Doi Inthanon Challenge in Thailand, and The Grand Raid (130Km, 5000+ mountain bike race). Aside from the performance aspect, Timothy places a heavy emphasis and value on the camaraderie formed during those kinds of events. He likes the thrill of discovering his limits and working to overcome even the toughest mental challenges. Timothy takes pride in having never given up or DNF on any of the events he has participated in. (Over 75 endurance sports events)
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